How We Got Here

I started my loc journey 4 years ago, unknowingly I started Loc'd AF then, too. I've always considered myself "different" among the rest, so when I started my journey it solidified it. Being a loose natural for several years, I found it hard to be different. There were twist outs, flat twists, wash and go's, and flexi rods, just to name a few styles, but EVERYONE was doing those. I woke up one day and said "I'm going to loc my hair" and my mom and friends were shocked, but knew I was serious. Once the process started, I immediately began to think of ways to make MY hair different. Exploring different styles, different jewelry and even different colors. 

I've learned that being part of such a large community, but having products for us and with easy access is a bit scarce or really expensive.

Having locs can be fun, exhausting and rewarding simultaneously. Not knowing how you want them to look or feel shouldn’t be a hassle.

At Loc’d AF, we believe there should be no guesswork in representing your locs or having them represent you. All of our accessories and products are chosen and made with you in mind, and we truly hope that you enjoy them.

   Stay loc'd in! 

-Kita, founder of Loc'd AF

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